10 Lessons Omarion Learned From Dating Women — The Boombox — Novemeber 2013

With so many of today’s songs focused on partying and jumping in the sack, it seems that music has lost its sense of romance. Sure, Miguel and the Weeknd are some of R&B’s biggest crooners at the moment, but Omarion is cementing his place as the courtship king in the genre with his recently released mixtape, ‘Care Package 2.’

Featuring West Coast talent ranging from Audio Push and Casey Veggies to Nipsey Hussle and Czar, the nine-track effort is a precursor to his upcoming fourth solo album, which he plans to release next year. ‘Care Package 2′ “is a great body of work” that not only shows how the former B2K member has grown but also remind fans of how romance works.

“I feel like [the song] ‘Know You Better’ is genius for exactly what it says because there are no more records like that anymore,” the California native tells The Boombox. “There aren’t any more songs that are descriptive in knowing someone better. It’s like, ‘Hey! Nice to meet you! Now you want to have sex?’ That’s what the songs are saying today. It’s like turn up! There’s no ‘sexy, cool, take my time’ kind of records, and I feel like that’s what I bring to the game. That type of emotion. That feeling to express. It’s not just emotions but also things real people go through.”

Clearly Omarion is very passionate about his work, so much so that he compares himself to a musical great.

“If I could compare, it’s like I’m a Marvin [Gaye], where in that there are certain songs that you could just tell that he knew what was going on and how people felt,” he explains. “I feel I’ve done a good job with songs like ‘Icebox’ and ‘O’ and ‘Touch.’ I feel like those records still stand, and I could still perform those records today. It still has the same emotion that I had when I recorded it. So my music is honest music. And I think that’s my contribution to music where I can get into my emotions and have it masculine and be OK.”

With all this talk about emotions and the fact that it’s cuffing season, it only makes sense to ask the 29-year-old singer about his own experiences with the opposite sex and dating.

Published 21 Novemeber 2013. Read the full article here.