Garage Rockers the Feed Pick Their Five Favorite T. Rex Songs — — June 2014

Most band hiatuses signal an end of an era. But for St. Louis-based garage rockers the Feed, their break was an opportunity to regroup, enlist a new member and move toward a stronger musical identity. “[There is] more mature songwriting and a better concept of what we sound like,” basisst Ben Reece tells us.

The band’s latest single, ‘Outsider,’ points toward this new direction. “Lyrically, a lot of the record is about trying to connect to something or someone that’s rooted in a much more conventional world than your soul can take,” frontman Dave Grelle says.

The Feed’s upcoming album was recorded over one whirlwind weekend in their hometown. Wearing their “heroes on our sleeves,” the album bears the influences of everyone from Tom Waits and the Police to Prince and Thelonius Monk.

But the biggest inspiration? Seventies glam rockers T. Rex. “T. Rex is one of our favorite bands,” Grelle says. “When I originally wrote [the song ‘Rexy’], I didn’t have a name for it. So we just called it ‘Rexy,’ figuring we’d come up with something later. We never did.”

The band took some time out of their schedule to share their five favorite T. Rex songs with us.

Published 3 June 2014. Read full article here.