Kanye West Debuts ‘Yeezus’ at New York Listening Event – TheDrop.fm – June 2013

Fresh off his performance at Governors Ball on Sunday (June 9), Kanye West wanted to spread his ‘Yeezus’ message to the New York masses by hosting an exclusive listening party at Milk Studios last night (June 10).

The event, which West claimed was a last-minute plan, was a warehouse party on steroids. With Grey Goose and other spirits freely poured into large plastic cups with little ice and hardly any mixers, the crowd, which included the press, the hip-hop elite and other special guests, were up and ready to listen to West’s hyped sixth LP.

Beyonce, Jay-Z, DJ Khaled, Busta Rhymes, Timbaland and other famous friends were also there, not only to support West, but to get their party on like the rest of us.

While he’s known for his public verbal gripes and complaints, West had a new air about himself during the evening and did a monologue that was not only positive but somewhat uplifting as he talked about the recording process of ‘Yeezus.’ “We didn’t give a f— about what nobody said from the outside looking in,” the G.O.O.D. Music leader told the crowd. “We just wanted to make the best product possible and this is just the beginning of an entire new mentality about how to make music.”

Playing the album from beginning to end twice, everyone had a chance to soak in West’s new album. Always moving forward, the LP did have more of the ’808s & Heartbreak’ sound with heavy bass and embedded electro-beats in tracks like ‘Onsite,’ ‘I Am a God’ and ‘Black Skinhead.’

Brimming with pride about the album, West couldn’t end his speech without thanking all of the people who let their special talents to the effort including legendary producer Rick Rubin.

“Last, but not least, that came and helped bring this whole s— together, that executive produced the album with me and the family, is Rick Rubin coming in and like finishing up the whole s— for us, which is legendary because everything we did on this project, everything I did, like when we released ‘Numbers on the Boards,’ from the video, to the no artwork, to the style of the song and everything, I was like ‘what would Rick Rubin do,’ he explained.

“What was his Def Jam s— that they would do because I remember Rick even saying, he said, ‘When we did Def Jam, we really wasn’t feeling like we was in competition with nobody because our s— was so direct…,’” West continued. “Where we at right now? We in the middle of the city right now, open to the muthaf—in’ streets and nobody is shuttin’ down s— while we make real music.”

The rapper was relied on Rubin’s expertise to bring the album to completion. “It was good for me to go to the god, Rick Rubin, and play him my s—, ask him questions, and allow him to take this project to an entirely new level, and he made a lot of great decisions at the end and pulled it to a whole new level,” West revealed.

Published 11 June 2013. Read full article here.