Sam Smith: “Every day I think about how insane this is” — The Line of Best Fit — February 2014

Sam Smith is way more than your average crooner. The 21-year-old Cambridge singer was inspired by the R&B and soul singers that his mum would listen to in the car when he was a child, which then led him learning jazz and musical theatre. This combination not only taught him the discipline and technique to harness and control his voice but also push his vocal range to the limit.

Many people got their first taste of Smith from his collaboration with deep-house duo Disclosure on the song, “Latch”, a track that combines of falsetto melodic vocals on top of a smooth electronic beat. He soon released his own track, “Lay Me Down”, which quickly proved that he was well on his way to being the next big star. Critics and music lovers alike were drawn to his honest, thoughtful and emotional lyrics, which not only made him a mainstay in the limelight in the UK but also abroad.

“I’ve got a UK tour, an American tour and a European tour,” he revealed to Best Fit, which are all sold out. “If I’m honest, I’m excited about the photo shoots and just to meet fans, and I’m also excited to travel. My mom and dad took me and my sisters everywhere as a kid, and I love seeing different places and eating different foods and experiencing different cultures. I’m really excited to travel the world this year and see the places I’ve never seen before”.

And if you’re still skeptical about this artist, he has the accolades to prove it. Not only did he win the BRIT for Critics’ Choice in 2013, but he was also named BBC Sound of 2014 – all before he released his debut LP.

But not to worry, Smith is set on dropping In the Lonely Hour, which he said was essentially “his diary”, on May 26, with his next single, “Money on My Mind”, being released on Sunday.

Best Fit had to the opportunity to chat with Mr. Smith about his bartending beginnings before diving into the world of electronic music, putting together an honest album and how he maintains his high voice.

Published on 14 February 2014. Read full article here.