• Emily v. Tan

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      Oli Burslem of Yak goes wild (as he usually does) at Berlin on March 30, 2016.


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      I’ve heard a lot of buzz about Oh Wonder over the past few months. And last week, I had the chance to see them. Pop Etc. frontman Christopher Chu said Oh Wonder’s set “will change your life.” And it really did. 

      Here are my shots from their show at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Jan. 28, 2016.


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      Tried out the new #hyperlapse #app with my nephews this morning. #latergram #nj #family #newcraze (at Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey)


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      Another from the #hike up Cascade #Mountain over the weekend. Made a new friend. His name is Harvey. #ny #adventure #selfie #adirondacks #lakeplacid #summer #latergram (at Adirondack Mountains)


    • The People at Project: EATS!

      A couple of weeks ago (July 26 to be exact), I had the chance to photograph the Project: EATS! food festival held at City Hall plaza in downtown Jersey City for the Village Voice. Since the post’s focus was on food porn, I was left with some fun portraits of people enjoying their summer treats. 

      So here are some of the fun foodies I spottedx at the event. 




      Eighty Magazine Co-founder and Miss Downtown Natch, Marinell, is enjoying the fried pig ears from Livestock.


      Meanwhile writer and resident film campaign guy at Indiegogo John seems to really like the peaches from Razza.


      Mayor Steven Fulop seems to be enjoying his snack from NUMS.


      Nothing like an ice pop from Cholita Dessert Bar to cool off in the summer. He seems to agree.


      Didn’t anyone teach them not to play with their food?


      Obligatory pre-cooked food shot.




      Till next time!


    • A Love Letter to England

      Now that I’m back to updating this thing and started cleaning it up, I came across this post in my queue. According to the old timestamp, I wrote this during the last week I was staying at my flat in Manchester. I’m not too sure why I never posted it. But after reading it again, I realized that it’s worth sharing. 

      According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an anglophile is ‘a person who is fond of or greatly admires England or Britain.’ And if you’ve known me for the past decade or so, you probably have thrown me under that category. Now before you think I’m obsessed with the Royal Family, One Direction or that hot accent, this appreciation started way before I even had notion of what or who these  Ever since I was a little girl, my mom, for some reason, dreamt of me going to school here. And maybe in some way I wanted to see it through, especially considering I chose journalism over medicine. But aside from that, the interest in the culture, history, people and obviously music grew over the years, and I just had to experience it for myself.

      Some of you reading this know that I had my chance when I studied abroad a few years ago in London. Getting the chance to be a student journalist who lived next to “The Guardian" and have some of her lectures at the BBC was an experience I’ll never forget. However it not only fueled my passion of journalism, but it really opened my eyes to taking it abroad. And from that moment, I knew I wanted to come back for more than just a summer. 

      So fast forward five years of finishing undergrad, multiple trips back to the UK and maintaining a freelance career, I hopped on a plane and landed in Leeds where I was going back to Uni to pursue an MA. 

      Although I’m a bit older than most of friends, it didn’t mean that I was necessarily wiser than them. 

      A friend from home who visited earlier this year said, "You finally became the person you always wanted to be.”

      Perhaps the title of this post isn’t really a love letter to England place but to everything that I’ve been able to experience in it. 


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      These six rolls have been accumulating this past year in various in nooks of my life. Purse. Other purse. Window sill. Whicker-basket-under-the-table-that-has-no-chair.

      I use to develop a roll as soon as it was ready. My Dodge’s cup holder would serve as a brief holding place so that my commute didn’t stand a chance avoiding National Camera Exchange.

      As these six rolls collected on the table, I couldn’t help but see this as a symbol; life has gotten too busy. 

      Life has been expanding into all sorts of exciting territories lately. And I don’t mind that. But at what point did it start pushing certain important things aside? I’ve been treating this passion of mine like that plant you forget to water on top of your fridge. 

      Staring at these six little guys gave me a wake up call. 

      It’s so important to keep the things that feed your expression and bring you joy front and center - as much as possible. Time to bring the forgotten-fridge-plant back to light and nurture it. That’s the only way we grow after all.  


      - J


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      Shedding #light on a #cause. #nyc #allofus (at Foley Square)


    • I’m always down for a new cover, and I’m really loving this one by Chvrches. Getting every word on point in this particular Whitney track can be difficult, but they seem to get through it without a hitch.


    • Normally I’m not big on putting two belters on one song, especially something with this much emotion. But the musicality and vocal talent on this track sends shivers down my spine. And man, Nate Ruess, can hit those high notes.